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Barry and Lori

Thank you from all of us for all the exceptional care and attention.  Barry and Lori


I want to let you know how much I am enjoying my new "smile".  I love the way my teeth look now.  You and your staff are great.  It was painless and not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  You have a very friendly office and I am recommending you to all our friends.  Janice



I am grateful and very appreciative for your kind and caring assistance these past two years.  I would definitely recommend this office to my friends, family and acquaintances. My future wife will certainly visit this office. - Dean



I am thrilled with my new teeth. I wish I had not waited so long.  The process was quite harmless. They make me feel and look years younger.  Let me say "I can't stop smiling". Thank you Dr. Joyce and your team. - Nicole

Christine M.

It's been almost seven years now since we first walked through Dr. Joyce's doors. Two of my three children have had braces and their teeth are absolutely amazing. In fact upon one of your visits to the office you may recognize one of my daughters pictures on the wall. It was seeing my daughter's smiles after their braces were removed that I entertained the possibility of maybe going the same route myself! Can you believe it?

During those years Dr. Joyce and her staff and my family had developed a very warm, working, relationship. We grew to trust her and looked forward to seeing the staff. All of our questions were always explained thoroughly. She is always quick with a smile or a giggle as is Mala and Ian. Ben and Kathy at the reception desk are always cheerful and knowledgeable with respect to meeting your needs , staying on top of your appointments and answering your questions. The hygienists and Dr. Ferrante, ( who strictly does root canals ) are phenomenal. The reception area is bright and warm with a play area for the children and a game system, soft music plays in the background and there is laughter to be heard not moans. I think it was this whole package that helped me make my decision to go ahead with the braces and then upper veneers and crowns to follow.

I finally have the smile I have always wanted, I just wish I had not waited so long. If only I had met Dr. Joyce years ago! Many, many, many, thanks to Dr. Joyce, Ben, Kathy, all the laughs with Ian and Mala, the hygienists and Dr. Ferrante.

Christine M , Vancouver, BC

Laura S. - Orthodontic Treatment

Dear Dr. Santos-Grou,

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you and your staff for giving me so much reason to smile!  Not only do I now have such beautiful aligned teeth, the experience was far less challenging than I expected.

I have to admit, I was more than a little concerned getting braces at this point in my life.  Your patience in providing me with a detailed explanation at the the start of the process, however, really put me at ease.  Your immediate and personalized attention to my well being throughout the treatment really made me feel special as you demonstrated a level of care that has been truly genuine.

To any prospective patients considering your care for orthodontics, I provide my highest recommendation.

Laura S.


When going for a visit at the Tri City Dental Centre you can be sure that you will experience the utmost in up-to-the-minute hi- tech dental care.  All the people working in the office are warm and friendly and try to make your visit as comfortable and stress free as possible.

This is the first time in my life that I am confident smiling because of the work done by Dr. Joyce and her staff.

Thank You!

Darlene L., Coquitlam, BC


Leslie & Family


My kids and I have been patients of Dr. Santos-Grou for about 8 years now.  She came highly recommended.  She is very personable and always takes the time to chat and ask how you are doing.  She is also very competent and I have complete faith in her abilities to perform complex dental surgeries. She has done my veneers, some grafts, as well as routine fillings. She uses the most state of the art procedures and equipment.  Her hygienists are also very friendly and great with my young children.  I would definitely recommend the office of Dr. Santos-Grou.





Tri City Dental is a place that I recommend to everyone.  The staff are so friendly and courtesy and really are sensitive to patients like me who are somewhat "anxious" about my visits.

I am so enjoying the beautiful smile that Dr. Santos-Grou gave me and after almost 2 years, I still get compliments on how beautiful my teeth look.  I know that I just love to smile now.

My heartful thanks for helping a "coward" like me.  I feel much more confident now and always use an opportunity to smile.

The technology used by Dr. Santos-Grou is so modern and painless.  Thanks for caring about me!

Jan Hofmann



10 years ago, I walked into a dental office, not knowing the impact one Doctor would have on my life.

I was born with a gap in my two front teeth. As a kid I always had a cute smile. But when I entered into womanhood, people still saw that cute smile. As a result, I lacked confidence as a woman.

I endured the attempts of former dentists build a better smile. Materials to fill in the gap failed in one degree or another; either I was left with lopsided teeth, material that never lasted or material that was never the right shade.

I spent 20 years in dentist chairs, spent money that never gave me a smile I could be proud of.

All that changed when I met Dr. Santos-Grou. Never before had a Dentist brought me into the world of dental technology. Dr. Joyce took the time to explain all the various options, and was very patient with me during the process of choosing the smile of my dreams. Dr. Santos-Grou understood what it was that I wanted, and how to could achieve that goal. It took less than 3 weeks to find the perfect smile for me. Once I received my new smile, I could not believe how differently people treated me. My level of confidence soared! The next ten years would be the most lucrative and fulfilling years of my life. My only regret is that I did not meet her in my 20’s.


Dr. Bryan Howard

Dear Dr. Santos-Grou and your wonderful dental wellness team,
I am delighted and very grateful for you and your staff's warmth and kindness and patience in providing me and my family and patients with admirable "going the extra mile" experience.

With great appreciation,
Dr. Bryan Hayward

Saeed Refaei

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Joyce Santos-Grou

Dr. Joyce Santos-Grou has been practicing dentistry in British Columbia since 1999 and was recently awarded the prestigious Fellowship Award by the Academy of General Dentistry.

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